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We offer not only Real Fantasy Cricket and Real Fantasy Football … but a World first in real-time, skilled fantasy virtual football, (or virtual soccer). You can play virtual football 24/7 so you can always pick your dream 11 line-up and get your fix of fantasy football at anytime of the day, even when there are no real fixtures playing. We have the most advanced statistics available of any fantasy sport website that enable our players to be even more informed.
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Play real fantasy cricket with real fantasy sports india and get the best possible experience available in the current dream team marketplace.
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All of the games that matter everyday across Europe and Asia. You can pick your team and play with other fantasy football players in competiting for those giant prize pools available.
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We have a first of its kind virtual fantasy football game which runs 24/7 providing you with the means to create your dream team and compete to win contests.

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Every single day sports generates headlines, and as part of our commitment to providing the most statistic full fantasy sports website in India, we provide useful articles, tips and hints on how to become a better fantasy sport player and get the most fun you can out of the process.
8th November 2019
Daily Fantasy Sports
If you have been considering fantasy sports and you want to know what daily fantasy sports is, then read on for more info.
8th November 2019
Fantasy Sports
When it comes to playing fantasy sports online, there is a lot of information that you need to consider, and here we have some tips to help you along the way.
8th November 2019
Fantasy Sports
There are a number of different fantasy sports available today and here we will talk to you about some of the most popular ones.
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Fantasy Sport in India
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Online fantasy sports is absolutely booming and we feel that the time is now right for us to bring to you our very own, and very unique fantasy sports platform, which we know you are absolutely going to love. What sports interest you most? You can explore any sport right to its virtual platforms. To kick things off for you, we have our fantastic Fantasy Soccer League, which brings you the best in online virtual soccer and allows you to pit your wits against anyone, anywhere, at any time

If you are after online soccer fun, explore the throngs of the Fantasy Soccer League to move your level of the realm from the ordinary to the maxims of heights you can explore with virtual reality spiced with its actual fantasy. The reality is that soccer becomes more interesting when fantasy is brought in. You can play at great will in your choice of numerous arrays at your disposal.

Soccer ranks among the greatest games that people love. With that, the stimulus from the opportunity to, through virtual reality, take part in the games can be a wonderful motivation by itself.
How Real Fantasy Sports Work

We have a fantastic and fun virtual sports platform for you to enjoy, where we are going to bring you 10 virtual games spread out over the course of one day, which will see all 20 teams playing one match. This will continue over the course of 38 days, so that each team has competed in 38 matches, which will then bring the season to a close with the player with the most points being crowned the winner.

Players of fantasy soccer can also explore some shorter-term games lasting a day to a week according to their preferences. It becomes an even more wonderful experience when actual loyalty to a team is transformed into the virtual form of loyalty through the fantasy team.

The assumption of players and their team derives great form from both statistical and mathematical chains behind each. In fact, when well explored, it could lead to Kids liking the power hidden in mathematics and even help and encourage them to learn on a different level. Remember though, there are always age restrictions in the terms and conditions, so be careful when letting your young ones play these types of games.

Before each game begins, you are given a budget of 100 units which you will use to pick your players from the two teams who are playing in this contest, with each player’s value depending on their attributes and ratings. You cannot exceed your 100 budget, while you can also not have more than 7 players from any one team. Meanwhile, you will have to choose 1 Goalkeeper; 3-5 Defenders; 3-5 Midfielders; and 1-3 Strikers, allowing you to mix up your formation in a bid to get more points from your team.

The scores in fantasy football
Playing fantasy soccer requires that the player understands the scoresheets as they get engrossed with the game. For instance, things such as goals, assists, and clean sheets all earn points, among many other things. Meanwhile, things such as yellow cards, red cards, and conceding too many goals is going to cost you and you will lose points, so it really is important that you try to find the best balanced team for scoring you the points you need.

What are the rules of Fantasy Sports?

How many teams can I have?
When it comes to selecting your teams for the upcoming contest, each person is allowed to choose a maximum of 10 different teams, boosting their chances of finishing at the top of the leaderboard for that team, while they can also join as many contests as they wish throughout the course of the day, and the season.

Can I play with family and friends?
The best part about playing online virtual sports is the fact that you can create a contest and invite your family and friends to go head to head against you, with the winner having more than just bragging rights over the others. Do you have what it takes to beat your nearest and dearest or any willing stranger out there? You can explore such tests through fantasy soccer, at your utmost of preferences whether it thrills you most to play against relatives or strangers.

Fantasy soccer has a net effect of improving the attendance of virtual players to actual games. In total, revenues rise for the actual games and the teams they support, has been impressive, with people actually attending the matches to get a better feel for their players. As a matter of caution, players should be keen to balance up the leisure from fantasy soccer with their productive livelihoods. It’s worth it for adults to check on early teen habits and guide them accordingly since they may not be in ample coherence of ideal gaming habits and personal development.

Is fantasy soccer legal?
Yes, fantasy soccer is legal when it comes to most federal laws. Finally, when it comes to playing fantasy sports with us, you have the option of playing for fun or upping the stakes and playing for real money, the choice is yours. For upcoming fans, it gives them a rare opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the game. Who knows? Your actual passion and prowess can derive great insight from the many virtual experiences it has, either in refereeing, team management to tactical roles like defending and striking.

Fantasy soccer opens up great recreational avenues and it doesn’t hurt for an adult to enjoy a game with a bet or two. So play, enjoy and see if you have what it takes to make it to the top.

Upcoming Virtual Fantasy Football - Indian Dream Team
With virtual football events happening all day everyday in the virtual football league, you can get involved in creating your dream 11 team at any point of the day.
Yorkshire Crows
Starts in 87 minutes
Yorkshire Crows vs Tyne Dragons
Virtual Football League - 14th December 2019 @ 04:31
Finsbury Hornets
Starts in 67 minutes
Finsbury Hornets vs Palace Eagles
Virtual Football League - 14th December 2019 @ 04:11
Manchester Buffalo
Starts in 47 minutes
Manchester Buffalo vs Witton Owls
Virtual Football League - 14th December 2019 @ 03:51
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At Real Fantasy Sports we provide 10% lifetime referral on all of your friends, family and business colleagues that you refer to Real Fantasy Sports India. We will provide your sign-up with the 10,000 free play chips that all users receive and you can earn 10% from the fee we take as part of our service, and that is for LIFE. With Real Fantasy Sport India, we provide Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Soccer and Virtual Football. There is always a game being played on Real Fantasy Sport India so you can always be earning a referral fee. Plus we will not lay a penalty on you for referring and playing with your friends, we take note that you have referred friends and appreciate that and make it easy for you to play with them in our fantasy cricket contets, fantasy soccer contests and fantasy virtual contests.

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Real Fantasy Sports in India

The concept of Fantasy sports betting is not like traditional sports betting, it differs and the betting is not done directly on the outcome of sporting events for any game.

In fantasy sports, we create a dream team and then we play against the opponent’s team and win decent money. Fantasy sports contests have been around for a while but the concept of betting on them has become popular in recent years. These days it’s very much in the mainstream and been widely available than it used to be earlier. We can add real money for betting with other people who have joined the fantasy sport with a fantasy team, where the winner is declared based on the highest points.

It’s now very much in the mainstream and much more widely available than it used to be. You can then place real money wagers with other people who have put together fantasy teams, with the winner being the one whose team performs the best. The betting can work in several different ways, including taking part in leagues that run over an entire season. Fantasy sports betting is of great fun and it’s a great way of putting your sports knowledge to challenge with other players.

Let’s explain how it works in detail below:
There are a set of rules on how to form a team and how to pick the players. The rules differ based on the league being played for that particular sport. There are various ways that you can bet on the fantasy sport and one of the ways is to pay an entry fee for a league that consists of multiple opponents and being played for a fixed amount of time. In some of the league, the winner gets a very small percentage of the pool prize. Another way of betting is to go up against a single opposite player which is called Head-to-Head where the winner will get a bigger amount.

Soccer Fantasy Team
What are virtual sports games?

The rapidly growing digital infrastructure has provided a greater opportunity to create fantasy sports game platforms to engage fantasy gamers. Fantasy sport is nothing but an android and ios based gaming platform. From a business point of view, fantasy sports app development is a good idea and the business model has proven to be strong with respect to revenue as the earnings are in multiple streams, brand partnerships, sponsors, advertisements, and through entry fees.

The fantasy gaming platform allows users to create contests, invite friends to play along and if not create contests, the users can also participate in multiple contests with one unique dream team or with multiple teams.

The platform allows newbies to participate in free contests and provide a free bonus to promote users to play paid contests. The platform securely allows users to link their bank accounts and add money to their virtual wallets in the application. The wallet balance is used to participate in the paid contests and the winning prize money will get accumulated in the wallet. The winning participants also have an option to withdraw money directly to their bank account.

To promote the game, the platform has a referral system in which participants refer to friends and family to win a referral bonus. The system works in a win-win strategy wherein the referrer and the referee get the same amount of cash bonus.

In India, the fantasy sports platform is very popular and there are some impressive fantasy gaming platforms that tickle around a bit in the gaming system and creates a unique value proposition to attract fantasy gamers. These platforms offer unique leagues with pay-out structures which allows users to follow the sport and get rewarded.

Virtual Fantasy Games
Live Football
What are fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports games first started in Oakland during 1962 for a football league. Fantasy games have since gone on to become trending online games in Asian countries and India has seen more and more people getting on board and playing the game. Baseball is the first sport to be part of fantasy sport as it is ideally suited to the primary principles of a fantasy league. The basic concept is to run contests and allow picking of players based on their year-to-date stats. With the internet boom, there are fantasy leagues played across most of the professional sports, including the likes of cricket, hockey, football, baseball, and many more.

The number of fantasy sports users grew from 32 million in 2010 to 57.4 million in 2016 and the number has continued to increase ever since then. Eilers Research, reported by Forbes, has projected that the fantasy games will generate a massive $14.4 billion in 2020 with the industry employing more than 4000 people land experiencing 10.7% annual growth, showing just how popular the online fantasy sports leagues are continuing to be.

The fantasy sports players do not have to deposit money to play as most of them offer free contests and a few of them offer freerolls where you can actually win a real-money prize. However, if the players are looking to make some big money, they really do need to deposit funds and play paid contests. The fantasy cricket has been in the limelight since the start of T20 tournaments like IPL (Indian Premier League), CCL (Celebrity Cricket League), and many more. The fantasy cricket is classified as a game of skill although the element of chances cannot be eliminated. When it comes to the gameplay, fantasy cricket matches can be played in all the international formats, ODI (One day international), T20 (Twenty 20), and test cricket.

The participants create a virtual team of real players of any professional game like cricket, football, and more. Their competition is based on the statistical performance of the players in the real game, this performance of the players is then converted into points which are assembled and added as per the roaster selection by each team manager of the fantasy game. The overall fantasy league is coordinated and managed by the league commissioner simply by calculating the points manually or they can be calculated by using computer tracking for the actual result for the fantasy games. There are multiple types of contests for players to choose and participate, namely, double-up games, triple games, head to head games, quintuple games, and many more.

Big tournaments are famous these days as the players can win a large prize with these huge prizes guaranteed, making it more popular than ever. Beginners to experts take part in these kinds of games and the winning roaster will win large prizes. Today, sophisticated mobile applications are being developed to play fantasy sports wherein each professional player is tracked, providing a rank and points to each one based on their performance. Each participant in the fantasy league is being given a budget within which the team has to be created and participate in different pools to win contests and earn.

Cricket Fantasy Girl
How does fantasy sport work?

The fantasy game is of great interest and involvement, with people all over the world enjoying the game to its fullest. Every team manager will register with a fantasy game application with the personal details and, if wanting to make a deposit, links his bank account. Each team manager who registers with a referral code will get bonus cash added to his account and the team manager can utilize the amount for playing and later add the cash to the portal. The winner gets the winning amount added to his virtual account which has the option of withdrawal.

Cricket is one of the most loved games in India and Asian countries as well, the team managers are allowed to make a selection of players from both the teams. However, there are few limitations, the team managers cannot select more than 7 players from a single team and there is a limit of budget and every player is rated with points.

As an example, a team consists of 11 players on the ground and all the 11 players will be rated with a value and the team manager is given a target to select the players within the threshold budget. The team manager has to make a team 11 players and the players are rated based on their performance from year-to-date stats. In a fantasy game, there are multiple categories based on the type of contest. Each contest has a different entry fee and there is a limitation to the number of players to take part.

The selection of a team for the team manager is a great challenge. Cricket is a game where just not the team selection can win the game but there are other parameters as well like weather condition, Pitch report and a few more. This game of cricket is not only played online though, as it is actually played in real time with real teams, the team managers can form the team before a stipulated time. The team managers will first analyze the weather condition and try to understand the game. The game can be in whose favor, like is the game favorable for batsman or bowler? The team manager will also predict the players who have been in good form based on their recent performances. Considering all these factors, the team is formed.

Each team has a captain and a vice-captain which is important as the points for these two players will earn extra points. The team manager can form as many teams he wishes and can play different pools available for registration or can also form one team and play different contests.

The first step is to register the team and select the pool or the contest. Multiple teams register, created by users. Depending upon the player's performance, each player earns points and the team with maximum points wins the contest.

Example: The pool amount is 10,000 and there are 10 winners for the pool. The first winner will get 5,000, second 2,500 and the money is distributed to the first 10 winners based on the points they earned and if there are two teams with the same number of points, the winning amount is divided between both the winners.

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